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Orthopedic Treatment Aurangabad


Orthopedic Treatment Aurangabad | Joint Replacement Maharashtra

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Joint Replacement Aurangabad

Your doctor may have recommend you for a Joint Replacement to lead a pain free life. Hips and knees are replaced more often and other joints that can be replaced includes fingers, shoulders, ankles and elbows.

Joint Replacement Maharashtra

When Joint Replacement is needed?

Arthritis, injuries and other diseases can damage joints. Ageing also results in the wear and tear of bones that affects the joints badly. For bones to stay healthy blood is required. The injuries or diseases to the joints restricts the blood supply to the bones causing the joints to be more painful.

Joint Replacement India

 How new Joint look like?

The new joint made of plastic or metal or both called prosthesis may be sticked into place or not sticked, this making room to grow the bones into it. Bot methods may be used to keep the new joint in place.

Normally the life span of new joint lasts for 10 to 15 years, so it is recommended to younger patients to have damaged joints replaced more than once.

Joint Replacement Surgery Aurangabad

 Why Santpure for Total Joint Replacement.

Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital in venture with Santpure Heart Foundation is one of the largest private hospitals in the state of Maharashtra and also a pioneering hospital in the field of Joint Replacement surgery in India. It is an extremely reputed multi-specialty hospital, renowned for its excellent medical expertise, nursing care and diagnostic services.

Orthopedic Treatment Aurangabad

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