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Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis is a condition caused due to the inflammation of knee joints. Though arthritis can affect different joints in the body, knee arthritis is the most generic form of arthritis found today. It is characterised by pain, stiffness and swelling which interferes with daily life activities like walking, stair climbing and so on.

Symptoms of knee arthritis
The symptoms of arthritis usually start slow and gradually develops over time, though sudden onset of the symptoms have also been reported. The major symptoms of knee arthritis are: -
  • Stiffness and swelling which makes bending the knee difficult.
  • Worsened pain and swelling condition after sitting or resting.
  • Clicking and creaking noises in knee during movement.
  • Weakness in knee
  • Increased discomfort during cold or rainy weather.
Types of Knee arthritis
The arthritis affecting the knee are of several types as described below: -
Osteoarthritis – the most commonly found knee arthritis, it is a degenerative condition that occurs due to gradual wear and tear of the knee cartilage. Although they are mostly found in people above 50 years, some in the younger generations are also known to be suffering from it nowadays.
Rheumatoid arthritis – caused due to the swelling of synovial membrane, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which affects multiple joints in the body.
Post traumatic arthritis – this type of arthritis develops due to trauma, caused by an accident or injury to the knee.
Treatment for knee arthritis
Knee arthritis can be detected with the help of a physical examination, X-ray, MRI or CT scans. The treatment is decided based on the extent of the disease, age and overall health condition of the patient.
The treatment methodology for knee arthritis includes medications, life style modifications, physiotherapy and surgical treatments like arthroscopy, arthroplasty and so on. Knee replacement surgeries are now popular and involves replacing a portion of the affected joint or the whole part with a prosthesis. Knee replacement surgery helps in restoring mobility and quality of life to a great extent.
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